Song of the Month – Washing Away’s "So Inevitable"

We’ve reached the last Washing Away song in Part Four and this EP series. “So Inevitable” comes from the point of view of the dumped, with water body references throughout – clearing, pounding, separating, and providing perspective. The lyrical metaphors still seem good, so I didn’t change them. The melody was a challenge and my voice wavers a bit.  I think it works given the subject. This was also the first time I adjusted the equalization at all. I was getting some distortion on my S’s in “seems so …”, so I turned it down at 10K.

The music has a melancholy hook and plods along, building to the end.  There is a bit of a climactic moment as the verses reach the chorus, but it’s just a bittersweet taste of the unfulfilled hope of making it as a band.  This is the second song to include bass chords – the first was in the introduction on “This Game.” I used some consonant ones in the bridge to show a little optimism that there will be other opportunities to make music.

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Hopes that were built up in the sand have been cleared by the encroaching tide / And the dissolution of the band feels like waves pounding the cliff side

It seems so inevitable when looking back on the course that’s been run / That the mistakes and all the trouble would catch up faster than could be undone

There is no consolation for crushed dreams and this untimely break / Picked up and collected on the shore or cut off, left sinking in the wake

It seems so inevitable when seeing who’s moving on / That the mistakes and all the trouble would take down one before they were gone

These feelings of bitterness and doubt can consume the thoughts of the disheartened / Who’s being replace and left out with nothing but time to let it mend

It seems so inevitable when looking into what the future could be / That the mistakes and all the trouble would matter as much as a drop in the sea