Washing Away’s “Getting The Story Straight” Music Video Out Now

“Getting the Story Straight” is the second track off Washing Away’s Part Three – EP (2016), with lyrics about gossip and a confrontation over rumors of cheating. The video uses three sets of tin can telephones separated by a wall to illustrate different parts of the song (or story). The props and scenes are limited to what I could do alone in my apartment. Here’s how it worked.

I got six tin cans and punched holes in them to tie off the strings. I used three ten-foot lengths of string, because that’s maximum length where they would still work. according to the directions I found on the internet. I tangled up the strings on the floor and hitched the last string on a splinter from the door as if it was caught. I used two microphone stands to hold up my iPhone to film and to string up the tin can for my singing. I draped a tin can over my bass amp and plugged in my guitar. I was limited for what I could do for the percussion, so I just stomped on a 2×4 board that I kept around as a balance beam. Since there are two characters, but just me, I used two changes of clothes (including glasses). Lastly, the door between my bedroom and living room provided  mysterious separation between the performer and listener.

I hope you enjoy it. You can click on “CC” in the video to see the lyrics.

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