Motion Jones Album Stream and Free Downloads

You can now stream Motion Jones‘ new album, Detours — due out  February 11th.  Detours is heartfelt indie-folk born during a tumultuous period of transition. These songs navigate the unexpected in life in search of peace and truth. From his childhood bedroom, MJ creates intricate harmonies over fingerpicked acoustic guitars and touches of percussion.



Welcome to Write to Remember’s World Wide Web Log.  Write to Remember is a record label that Lewis started to put out music by his band, Half Dug.  It was his ambition to work with musicians and put out and promote a group of bands that he felt passionately about.  He even studied music business in college and educated himself on the releasing independent records, starting a record label, understanding the legal environment of music business, etc.

The reality is that record labels are becoming less and less important and even unnecessary for a band to succeed.  Years later, Write to Remember has two releases:  a posthumously recorded and released a full length album by Half Dug and an EP by Washing Away, a solo project that has not played any shows.  To say that this label is a hobby would be an overstatement.

Music continues, however.  The branches created by former band members spread and flower all the time.  In the absence of our own bands, we at Write to Remember will mostly be writing about what were listening to and our relationship to these songs.