Song of the Month – Casual Gaze’s "Hipsters are Zombies"

“Hipsters are Zombies” was inspired by  the rise in popularity of zombies: pub crawls, televisions show, rom-com, and parody of a classic novel. There was also a rise in hipsterdom: lots of dudes with beards, bikes, and beer. While you can accuse me of being a hipster, I am not a fan of zombies, except 28 Days Later. Dreams of being chased by zombies are the worst! Anway, hipsters and zombies seemed related by consumption; buy a lifestyle like eating brains.

I had to do some more research and found a good connection. Journalism on hipsters cited that they go to areas with character (aka vitality or life) and incorporate or take from that character on a superficial level. For example, drinking PBR at a blue-collar bar when you’re working at a design firm or wearing Southwest American Indian patterns because they are in fashion. It seems hollow, like trying to absorb some kind of authenticity to fill the void. The idea of faking it until you make is pretty universal to everyone finding their way in life, so this isn’t completely unique. This just makes a good analogy.

The song follows the Casual Gaze style of just bass, drums, and vocals. While the lyrics are meant jokingly, it doesn’t have the same sense of playfulness, though. The music is still pretty danceable, but is more aggressive, especially the bass chords in the bridge. The chorus bounces back and forth like the chorus in Blur’s “Girls and Boys,” saying, “hipsters are zombies are hipsters are zombies,” in the sense that they are hip. The bridge draws parallels with hipsters coexisting (but not fully integrating) in the community they are imitating to zombies that are human but not really human. Finally, the ending says that once the hipsters or zombies come in and take over, the way of life changes.

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Song of the Month – Casual Gaze's "Must Have a Mustache"

This month, it’s time to bring out a Casual Gaze song. I came up with the structure for “Must Have a Mustache” last year when jamming with a gym mate, Courtney. While it’s just a variation of four notes, the different patterns and brief breaks make a difference. Variations in the drums and singing helped later to keep it interesting in the writing process. While I originally wanted to call it “Mustache Party”, the words ‘must have a mustache’ stuck in my head and would likely do the same for others. It’s pretty fun to say, like ‘skinny jeans’ in “Skinny Jeans”. It was a fun challenge looking up all the names for a mustache and how they could fit into a song. I also got some inspiration for the bridge from a camp song my friend Alicia would sing. As with other Casual Gaze songs, I wanted it to be inclusive, so even prop mustaches work for the ladies or guys whose facial hair won’t cooperate.

Please take a listen and leave a comment. I’d like to make it the best I can before putting it out with a music video later this year.

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"Pocket Dial" Single and Videos Out Now


Casual Gaze’s second single has your phone and hips calling to get them grooving with a video featuring obnoxious calling/texting partiers.

“Pocket Dial” is the b-side to “Skinny Jeans”.  Coming up with a song as catchy and silly to back up “Skinny Jeans” was a tall order, but what could be better than a ringtone-esque hook in a song about subconscious pocket dialing out of a desire to dance?  Casual Gaze quickly recorded this follow-up and filmed the music video in tandem with “Skinny Jeans.”  This one was a little more tricky to edit — there was so much good footage!  Instead of cramming it all into 3 minutes, we used the in-studio footage for a separate video.

The single is out iTunes and Amazon, among other online music retailers and streaming sites — If you have some free time, please go there and fill out a review to help out. Please don’t forget to Like and Share the videos to show your good taste!  These videos are also on Facebook (v1 and v2) and Vimeo (v1 and v2).

Phone First, Safety Second

Phone First Safety SecondWe wanted to shoot the most obnoxious cell phone behavior for the music video for “Pocket Dial”.  So we thought of different modes of transportation and cell phones distract people.  No one could have planned what you see in this animated GIF.

The fellow is skating in a sort of two-wheeled roller skate, which looks dangerous in itself.  Add to that no helmet, headphones in, and phone out, and he’s probably going to eat asphalt.   He even checks his phone when he gets into the intersection.  Perfect.

The video and single for “Pocket Dial” will be coming out on January 14th.  While the song is about your hips calling Casual Gaze to play dance music and get them moving, the video shows what cell phone use can make you miss out on. A face-to-face connection with a real person? A pothole or car coming your way?

"Skinny Jeans" Single and Video Out Now

Casual Gaze’s debut single admiring people in the titular clothing item features distorted, dance rhythm and guys taking off their pants.

“Skinny Jeans”  and its video have been years in the making.  The idea for the song came in ’08 after the discovery of how fun saying “skinny jeans” repeatedly is (the S’s slide into each other so smoothly). Lewis, Stephen, and Andrew finally recorded it ’12  as the Gaze.  They even filmed the music video above beginning in December ’12 (in Minneapolis) and wrapping up in October ’13 (in La Crosse) with the help of some friends.  Could you have guessed that there were other bands called the Gaze?  Yep, so we had to differentiate with Casual Gaze.

The single is out iTunes and Amazon, among other online music retailers and streaming sites —  If you have some free time, please go there and fill out a review so that the band can climb the ranks of other songs also called “Skinny Jeans.”

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Keep a look out for “Pocket Dial” in January ’14!

Casual Gaze Singles and "Skinny Jeans" Cover

Skinny Jeans CoverCasual Gaze (formerly the Gaze) will be releasing their first single, “Skinny Jeans”, on November 12.  Lewis confesses his admiration for all of you out there shaking it in tight denim.  Put on your skinny jeans and flaunt them on the dance floor until everyone wants what inside. The single includes an instrumental version and all the stems you need to make your own “Skinny Jeans” remix.

The band wrapped up shooting for the video and will be editing this week, so keep checking back to for some killer footage of the band performing, dudes dancing, and people taking off their pants.

Twin Cities Dance Rock Band Asks Audience to Put Their Money in ‘Skinny Jeans’

The Gaze, a Minneapolis dance rock duo, is financing the release of their first EP using crowd funding. The band is using a Kickstarter campaign to raise money to print a limited-edition run of 12” vinyl records, which have resurfaced as format of choice for music connoisseurs. If funded by December 21st, backers receive downloads, records, autographs, hand-drawn post cards, t-shirts, and VIP passes to the record release party.

While digital formats are great if you’ve hooked your iPhone up at a party, the format leaves much to be desired for artwork and packaging – as much a part of the experience as listening. The upcoming vinyl release includes “Skinny Jeans,” “Pocket Dial” and remixes of both tracks by local DJs. Audio stems of the tracks will also be available for crowd-sourced remixes.

The Gaze is a dance rock project concocted by musician Lewis Kuhlman. His catchy lyrics and ballsy bass is paired with the raw drumming of Steve Przybylinski for the ultimate combination of dance and rock. Producer Andrew Zoellner at LynLake’s Shock and Audio pulled out all the stops to create a great sounding record.