Free Time and Baby Teeth Album Release

Motion Jones’s Free Time and Baby Teeth album will be coming out March 9th, but you can stream it on their Reverb Nation page.


Free Time and Baby Teeth will be available Tuesday, March 9th, 2010 via digital download. While you patiently await it’s release you can hear the album streaming at Motion Jones‘s Reverb Nation page.

Back to School

We’re busy with school and probably won’t update the website. Half Dug is on CD Baby, Washing Away was reviewed in “Whiskey Tastes Better…”, and Motion Jones has a logo.

It’s September and the songwriters behind Washing Away and Motion Jones are back at school. Lewis is beginning his graduate studies in urban and regional planning while Mike is continuing his education of 5th graders. They’ve got their priorities, but we’ll continue to bring you the music you enjoy.

Half Dug‘s self-titled album is now available for mail order and download at CD Baby. You can listen to samples and review it there as well!

Speaking of reviews, Whiskey Tastes Better When You Have Problems recently posted a review of Washing Away’s Part One. See what Chris has to say here.

Our Motion Jones page has been updated and we added a new logo inspired by the cover art. We’re very excited to have Free Time and Baby Teeth mastered by the end of September, so be ready!

Free Time and Baby Teeth Cover Art

Here’s the cover art and an unmastered track from the upcoming abum from Motion Jones, Free Time and Baby Teeth. Please donate now!

Free Time and Baby Teeth

As a little tease for the upcoming Motion Jones album Free Time and Baby Teeth, we’d like to present the cover art (above) and an unmastered version of “Jane Gallagher” (below).

We’re close to reaching our fund-raising goal thanks, but could still use your help.

Please donate now!

Upcoming Release(s) from Motion Jones

Write to Remember is releasing an album or two from Motion Jones and is reaching out for our fans’ help to get it mastered.

Mike Spooning a Ukeleli
Mike Spooning a Ukeleli

We’ve got exciting news!  Write to Remember will be releasing an album or two from Motion Jones.  If you haven’t heard these acoustic indie rock tunes, please check out Motion Jones on

The songs are recorded, but we really want to make an awesome album for you, so we’re raising money to get Free Time & Baby Teeth mastered.   Since we’re poor, we’re reaching out to you for help.   We are asking for $5 from our fans to sponsor a 30 second block.  You could even do $30 to sponsor a whole song!  Our goal is $360 and with your help we’ll have it done in no time.

What’s in it for me, you may ask?  You’ll be able to download the entire mastered album and cover art for free when it’s released.  Pretty sweet, eh?  What are you waiting for?

Please donate now!


Welcome to Write to Remember’s World Wide Web Log. Write to Remember is a record label, but the reality is that record labels are becoming less and less important. Music continues, so we’ll be writing about what we’re listening to.

Welcome to Write to Remember’s World Wide Web Log.  Write to Remember is a record label that Lewis started to put out music by his band, Half Dug.  It was his ambition to work with musicians and put out and promote a group of bands that he felt passionately about.  He even studied music business in college and educated himself on the releasing independent records, starting a record label, understanding the legal environment of music business, etc.

The reality is that record labels are becoming less and less important and even unnecessary for a band to succeed.  Years later, Write to Remember has two releases:  a posthumously recorded and released a full length album by Half Dug and an EP by Washing Away, a solo project that has not played any shows.  To say that this label is a hobby would be an overstatement.

Music continues, however.  The branches created by former band members spread and flower all the time.  In the absence of our own bands, we at Write to Remember will mostly be writing about what were listening to and our relationship to these songs.