Washing Away

Washing Away Band PhotographWashing Away expresses a need for recovery & resolution; it’s a story that attempts to make sense of ruined friendships & tarnished memories.

Lewis started Washing Away in Minneapolis, MN in 2008. After the break up of Half Dug, he continued making music on his own as a reflective storyteller, writing an album’s worth of narrative songs while in college. The music is similar to his earlier band’s, but also draws on  influences from indie and emo bands like Sunny Day Real Estate and Modest Mouse.

Lewis had a concept to write songs for a series of music videos that would make up a full-length film. Though the partial screenplay was lost, he had recorded demos. Lewis later added transitions between the songs and split them up into four EP’s.


Part One (EP – 02/17/2009) is the first of four EPs. This collection deals with the band’s formation and developing friendships among the band mates and between the protagonist and the guitarist’s girlfriend. Bass riffs and rhythms form the foundation for these aggressive, groove-oriented tunes. Mellow interludes connect and weave songs together.


washingaway2In the Part Two (EP – 08/06/2013), the attraction between the protagonist and his band mate’s girlfriend has come to the surface. Alternating hope and despair, she feeds his desire while he gives into her thirst for attention. The strong rhythms compliment dissonant harmonies that pull at your ears like the emotions provoking and separating these characters.


washingaway31The driving tempos and rhythmic hooks ratchet up the tension in Part Three (EP – 05/27/2016) as the protagonist discovers he’s being used up until they get caught cheating. Heavy guitars support the storytelling, but give way to mellow interludes linking the songs.


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