Dead Corner Protest

City Center Parking Lot
City Center Parking Lot at 5th Avenue and Main Street

Street intersections are places where people can cross paths and come together as potential hubs of activity.  Unfortunately, most activity at intersections is between automobiles.  Even more unfortunate is when the uses at the corners serve cars instead of people — becoming parking lots or billboard stands.

La Crosse is fortunate to have a pretty decent downtown.  However, most intersections have at least one dead corner, whether due to parking or not being open past 5 PM or weekends.  Wouldn’t it be great if those places came alive with musical performances?

I think so.  Having buskers set up all over downtown would be a sight, if only for an hour or so.  To get more public interest in invigorating these corners, performers can have a big poster or even written on the sidewalk with chalk. Phrases like “This [parking/vacant] lot could be …” or “Here could be…” or “It would be great if this place was open …” can prompt passersby to share their ideas.

While calling this Dead Corner Protest sounds more punk rock, I’d rather call it something positive like Live Lot Project  or Feedback Corners.  I’d also include a cleanup aspect to show that we care about these places.  Interested performers can contact me.