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If you listen to music on Spotify, there’s a small thing you can do that will be a big help to me: FOLLOW me there! Once I get to 250 followers, Spotify will verify my account, which opens up some cool possibilities for my music, and I’ll also be able to keep you updated whenever I release new songs or playlists. If you have a second, please click follow on Spotify. It really will be a huge help. Thanks!

You can also follow Casual Gaze and Half Dug or read more about Washing Away. Click ‘Continue reading’ to check out out Washing Away ‘s Discography, a Spotify playlist of my songs spanning 2009 to today. Continue reading “Follow Washing Away on Spotify”

Back to School

It’s September and the songwriters behind Washing Away and Motion Jones are back at school. Lewis is beginning his graduate studies in urban and regional planning while Mike is continuing his education of 5th graders. They’ve got their priorities, but we’ll continue to bring you the music you enjoy.

Half Dug‘s self-titled album is now available for mail order and download at CD Baby. You can listen to samples and review it there as well!

Speaking of reviews, Whiskey Tastes Better When You Have Problems recently posted a review of Washing Away’s Part One. See what Chris has to say here.

Our Motion Jones page has been updated and we added a new logo inspired by the cover art. We’re very excited to have Free Time and Baby Teeth mastered by the end of September, so be ready!