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You can also follow Casual Gaze and Half Dug or read more about Washing Away. Click ‘Continue reading’ to check out out Washing Away ‘s Discography, a Spotify playlist of my songs spanning 2009 to today. Continue reading “Follow Washing Away on Spotify”

Lyric Video for Washing Away's "This Tension"

Washing Away has produced a lyric video for “This Tension” to promote the release of Part Two on August 6th.  The video incorporates pictures of the band’s recording sessions that began over two years ago. “This Tension” continues the Washing Away saga that started with Part One.  This song is where the main character and his band mate’s girlfriend give into their mutual attraction.  The rest of the songs draw out the tension created by their actions as you may imagine by the titles — “This Games”, “Resist or Regret”, and “Breaking Up Every Day”.

Washing Away's Part Two Preorder & Promo Video

Washing Away‘s Part Two will be released on August 6th, 2013. Preorder  this rockin’ new EP on CD Baby and you’ll get the first song, “This Tension,” instantly.  It’s been along time since we put out Part One, and we hope you enjoy the extra work we put into this.

As a teaser for the album, we have created a 30-second promotional video featuring clips from the four songs.  Watch the video and give us some feedback on YouTube.  This is our first foray into making video, so they’ll only get better.

Washing Away's Part Two Album Cover

Part Two CoverWashing Away recently completed recording their second EP, Part Two, so we are revealing the album cover to whet your appetite for a new set of alt. rock tunes. For this picture, their gracious photographer, Mei-Ling, allowed the camera turned on her.  She helps model the hidden hand-holding of the cheating girlfriend, the source or anguish and infatuation of the album’s main character.

Andrew is currently working on the final mixes at Shock + Audio and getting them to flow together seamlessly.  Lewis’s intention is that the songs on the EP’s should connect with together with short instrumental pieces.  On Part One, these interludes were included on the end of each song.  However, on this album, they will be separate tracks — four songs and three short interludes.  The cost will not change, but we hope this track separation will make more sense to the listener.

Washing Away Recording Sessions

Washing Away in StudioThe second EP from Washing Away has been a long time coming.  The songs have been written, but there is more to recording than that.  These songs needed another perspective and more polish.  Not like a shiny coat, but a layer that pulls out the best qualities — more emotion, the right instruments, bigger moments.  Lewis has been in the studio with friend and Shock + Audio engineer, Andrew, since the Spring of 2011.  Along with Andrew’s former bandmate, Steve, on drums, they’ve come together to make a great collection of songs. We’ve posted pictures below of the recording sessions.  Here’s hoping for great 2013.       Continue reading “Washing Away Recording Sessions”