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Washing Away’s “Even The Score” Music Video Out Now

The girlfriend’s spinning bottle takes aim at multiple guys’s hearts, letting them fall and shatter in this video twist on spin-the-bottle. 

“Even the Score” is the first track off Washing Away’s Part Three – EP (2016), with lyrics about a cheating girlfriend now looking to seduce an ex-boyfriend.  The video’s theme is a take on the youthful game of spin-the-bottle, with much different results. The props and scenes are limited to what I could do alone. Here’s how it worked.

I needed five bottles of soda, floss, pink sponges, a nickel, tape, and card stock. I cut five hearts out of the sponges and tied four of them up with floss. The floss was a sample from the dentist. The fifth heart got shoved in an emptied soda bottle. The empty one is the spinner, but it is tough to keep a bottle spinning in one place. A nickel taped to the bottom stabilized it for the camera (the other coins didn’t work as well). I taped up the other four strips of floss to my cabinets to hold up the full bottles in a lose knot with the heart around the top. I used soda instead of beer to keep a sense of innocence and youth. The bottles balanced on the edge of my kitchen counter on slips of card stock taped underneath so I could stealthily pull them off. I used a sheet as a backdrop and put couch cushions and blanket on the floor so the bottles wouldn’t break until I was ready to film them.

I hope you enjoy it. You can click on “CC” in the video to see the lyrics.

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Washing Away’s Part Three EP Out Now

Driving tempos & rhythmic hooks ratchet up the tension in this third EP as the protagonist feels used up and his secret tryst is uncovered.

Washing Away's Part Three - EP Album Cover
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The four-song album is available for download and streaming Friday, May 27th. Lewis got back together with Andrew at Shock and Audio to work on his most rocking songs yet for this third EP. While originally written between 2003-2005, Lewis refined them in 2015, substituted an acoustic guitar and keyboard for the electric guitars. When it came to getting in the studio with Andrew, they retained the electric guitars of the original demos, but kept some of the changes. Since Steve wasn’t around, Andrew programmed drums. Lewis played bass, lead guitar and sang all the vocals. Andrew added his take on the rhythm guitar, too. Like past EPs, the songs are linked together by short instrumental interludes, giving them continuity through the finale.

These song continue to tell of the bassist’s involvement with his guitarist’s girlfriend. The girlfriend’s flirtations raising suspicion that she’s trying to seduce her ex-boyfriend. The guitarist may be oblivious, but the bassist is not as naive. Why would she do that when she’s got a boyfriend and a side guy? The chorus of “Even the Score” explains it.

Keep on coming back for more / Ways to relieve this sore / Had her heart broken before / Do it back and even the score.

Later, others are suspicious of her cheating which leads to a confrontation. In “Getting the Story Straight,” her friends are talking and she’s got explaining to do. The girlfriend denies any wrongdoing. Is she as innocent as she claims?

He’ll hear what went down from the origin / She had good intentions followed through with a grin / Surely, its not all true, the story she’s revealed / A night with a former love with details concealed.

This is too much for the bassist in “In Between.” His internal conflict between the band and the girl drags him down, but he’s determined to keep rocking. It would be foolish to believe that she loves him.

He’s got to get away from causes of lament / And find some other way around this deterrent.

In the end, the guitarist finds out about his girlfriend’s and band mate’s infidelity. The  fate of the band hangs in the balance.

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Song of the Month – Washing Away’s "So Inevitable"

A sad ending that focuses on the bands break up, with water metaphors suiting Washing Away well. That band may be done, but the music lives.

We’ve reached the last Washing Away song in Part Four and this EP series. “So Inevitable” comes from the point of view of the dumped, with water body references throughout – clearing, pounding, separating, and providing perspective. The lyrical metaphors still seem good, so I didn’t change them. The melody was a challenge and my voice wavers a bit.  I think it works given the subject. This was also the first time I adjusted the equalization at all. I was getting some distortion on my S’s in “seems so …”, so I turned it down at 10K.

The music has a melancholy hook and plods along, building to the end.  There is a bit of a climactic moment as the verses reach the chorus, but it’s just a bittersweet taste of the unfulfilled hope of making it as a band.  This is the second song to include bass chords – the first was in the introduction on “This Game.” I used some consonant ones in the bridge to show a little optimism that there will be other opportunities to make music.

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Song of the Month – Washing Away’s "The Last Straw"

The band is almost set to hit the recording studio. This big show will put them over the top, but can it reignite the guitarist’s interest?

In “The Last Straw,” the band is nearing their big show that kicked off Washing Away‘s EP series with “Welcome”. They’ve got the songs and almost have enough money saved up to record an album, but it’s hard to tell if everybody is on board. The guitarist seems uninterested, but hopefully a successful performance will reignite his passion.  The lyrics are bit different from the original demo and now have the same chorus throughout the song and references the song title. I changed “money” to “savings” in the verses, because it sounded a little less silly. I also replaced “washes out to sea” with “fades from memory” in the last verse, because the line didn’t fit with the song even though the project is Washing Away.

Musically, there’s a strong rhythmic emphasis that goes with “break” at the end of the chorus. Also, the interlude is a reprise of the bridge to “Welcome”, referring to the big show, and climaxes violently before subsiding softly. I wanted the song under four minutes and the bridge was a bit long. I cut the interlude in half and took out the intro part that was after the first chorus. The introduction and last verse are a little different, too, with the bass and drums coming in after two measures of the intro and longer notes held out in the verse.

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Song of the Month – Washing Away’s "Keeping Up Appearance"

In the second song from Part Four, there are awkward feelings between band mates & it feels like there’s an elephant in the practice space.

This month’s got a somber yet sharp song from Washing Away. Suspicions arise when there’s a new guy playing with the guitarist and their regular rehearsal is cut short so he can go out on a date. The bouncy intro gives way to a plodding verse. The chorus picks up the energy with punctuated chords and the ending takes an intense turn. The bass, guitar and keyboard were recorded as they were written years ago. The background vocal line originally had sort of carnival quality to it, so I dialed that back and did the chorus an octave higher instead. I got to make good use of the “follow” drum pattern in GarageBand to get the kick drum on the off beat with the bass. I hope you like it.

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Song of the Month – Washing Away’s "Archers"

The main character is focused on building the band, but the guitarist has seemingly checked out in this first Washing Away song from Part 4.

Here’s another Washing Away song, the first song of Part Four EP. Though “Archers” structure is straightforward, it is unlike the literal storytelling of the past songs – there are metaphors. The metaphor of a vacation to show relational distance was good, but it doesn’t quite fit into archery as a metaphor for goal-setting. Working it into an archery metaphor probably wouldn’t have made sense, so it stayed in. I also thought to use a better word than ‘rift’ in the first verse, but it works out in terms of a ‘break in friendly relations’ like a ‘split’ in a broken bow. The song uses the same combination of instruments and ending intended to transition into the next song, as in past Washing Away songs*. The accents that don’t fall on the downbeat were a bit tricky to get the GarageBand drummer to hit, but ‘Aidan’ is still pretty solid. Since I’m a bit out of practice, I did a lot of editing to get the timing right on the guitar in the verses and transition.

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