Video Review – Tame Impala's Feels Like We Only Go Backward



“Feels Like We Only Go Backward” is the second single from LonerismTame Impala‘s 2012 full-length album.  The singers’ lyrics are the downbeat poetry of a hopeless romantic.  The music is hardly gloomy, though.  The bass leads with a groovy riff over sustained keyboard chords and the great drum sound fits well with the spacey vocals.

The video compliments the song using rough pop art animation. Swirling, exploding, and flowing shapes in mostly primary colors fill  the left-facing (backward) heads floating slowly away.  If you look closely, you may even catch the primate heads, an evolutionary leap backward. Other imagery of water, stairs, hallways and brick walls animate the screen.  Though edited to coordinate with the music, the only solid link to the song is the disembodied lips singing along.

Tame Impala has created many interesting music videos, but none have really grabbed me.  “Elephant” and “Mind Mischief”, the other singles from Lonerism, are worth a look.

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